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  Lakshmi [Mahalakshmi]: (Sanskrit, लक्ष्मी):The Hindu Goddess of wealth, luck, love and beauty. Lakshmi chose Shri Vishnu as her consort, as only He had the power to control Maya [illusion]. She appeared from the Ocean of Milk.  
  Lokesvara(Sanskrit: ईश्वर,ishvara - lord, loka - world; [Lord of the world]: The Khmer manifestation of the Boddhisattva Avalokitesvara.  
  Lopburi [Lop Buri]: During the Dvaravati period called Lavo, it was one of the important ancient towns of the Khmers from the 10th-13th century. 100 miles north of Bangkok Lopburi probably dates back to prehistoric times. The Khmer built many impressive temples. Lopburi might have liberated itself from the Khmer rulership at least temporarily. Most historians believe the first settlers of the town were the Lava (an ethnic group related to the Mons) which is the reason for naming the town Lavo.  
  Lopburi style: Khmer art style of the 10th to the 13th century with autochthonal components.  

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