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  Banteai Srei (the citadel of women): Shivaite temple near Siem Reap built by the Brahman Yajavaraha in 967 to 968.  
  Baphuon style: Cambodian art style from 1050 to 1113 A.D.  
  Bayon: The Buddhist temple at the center of the new town (Angkor Thom) within the city of Angkor, built by the king Jayavarman VII (1181-1215?)  
  Bayon style: Cambodian art style from 1181 to 1220 A.D.  
  Bhagavati Mahisasuramardani [the inaccessible]: Name of the Durga.  
  Bhaisajyaguru [the master of remedies]: The Buddha of medicine.  
  Bhavacakra [Devanagara] (Sanskrit, भवचक्र): Law of the dependent origination, wheel of life, representation of the endless circle of rebirths.  
  Brahma (Sanskrit, ब्रह्मा): One of the most important Gods in Hinduism. Together with Vishnu and Shiva they form the Trimurti.  
  Bodhisattva (Sanskrit, बोधिसत्त्व: bodhi = enlightened, sattwa = existence): In Mahayana Buddhism a beeing questing for the highest enlightenment.  
  Buddha: see Samadhi Buddha, Shakyamuni.  

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