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The origins of this collection back to the sixties by private family contacts to French and Swiss collectors. A doctoral thesis in ancient art and art history gave the owner the background to focus on Khmer art. The collection was enlarged by contacts to gallery owners and private collectors in Asia. Here we gratefully mention Dr. Robert Chien in Hong Kong as well as Aanong, Janya and Lek in Bangkok. For so many years they helped with their profound knowledge to build up and to edit this remarkable collection of authentic works scientifically. Now it covers almost the whole spectrum of the figurative Khmer art from the earliest Funan time up to the Angkor Wat epoch.
Many of the exhibits shown here come from a Swiss family who travelled to Viet Nam in 1963 und bought a set of statues coming from " Prasat Andet (700-750 A.D.)". At that time there were no scientific insight suggesting the existence of an independent Funan art.

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