From the first century B.C. to the 7th century A.D. in today's Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam flourished one the mysterious cultures in history: FUNAN. Some accounts from Chinese merchants, a few silver coins. Not even the capital of the kingdom was found until today. Latest excavations however bring more and more scientific knowledge to light.

Everyone knows the Pyramids or the Acropolis. Not so many have heard about Angkor, the world’s largest temple area, nearly forgotten in the jungles of Cambodia. Many books have been written about the famous monuments and the outstanding objects of art that were found there. But where did the Khmer come from? Where are the origins of this extraordinary art and culture?

More or less by chance the Wintermeier Collection, a private collection of Khmer statues, acquired many years ago some of the absolutely rare statues from Funan. The mysterious kingdom of Funan was the first powerful state in the lower Mekong region in Cambodia and Viet Nam from around 150 B.C. to 550 A.D. and the precursor of the Khmer empire.



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